Parish Records of Markusovce, Spis, Slovakia

St. Michael the Archangel

Over the past several years I have spent many happy hours researching the Markusovce Catholic Church records for my grandmothers family. Recently several researchers have contacted me regarding their families from the Markusovce area. This has led me back to the records to search for additonal family. Therefore I have made a decision. Over the next year as time permits I will be extracting birth and marriages from the LDS films, once extracted I will place these records on my website. This should help other researchers to locate their families and possibly connect to my family.

The Church of St. Michal the Archangel drew Roman Catholic parishioners from Markusovce and many surrounding villages. It was built near Markusovsky Castle in the 13th century. Ornate religious artwork and the valuable red marble tombs of the Mariassy family from the 16th and 17th centuries exist in the interior of this Gothic structure.

As I extract these records the following information will be recorded. Baptism/birth records will contain the childs name, birthdate (when available), baptism date, fathers name, mothers name (maiden when avaiable) and village of parents. In regard to the village listings the parish is located in Markusovce, Slovakia formerly known as Markus-Csepanfalu, Szepes, Hungary, included are the affilated towns of Cepanovce, Lieskovany, Teplicka, Rudnany and Porac. Marriage records will contain both the bride and grooms names, ages and date of marriage, and in the case of older records the names of the couples parents were also provided.

To see the records click on the link below to visit the page containing the table for the year you wish to view.

Baptisms 1869

Baptisms 1870

Baptisms 1871


If you would like to search the records yourself, I have provided the following information. The parish records were microfilmed by the LDS church and are found on 4 films. Below are the numbers of the films and a breakdown of which data is contained on each film. You can order the films to your local Family History Center for a small fee.

Film #1739642
Item 10
Krsteni (Baptisms) 1697-1698, 1703-1752
Sobaseni (Marriages) 1703-1753
Zomreli (Deaths) 1715-1723

Film #1739643
Items 1-2
Krsteni (Baptisms) 1751-1753, 1754-1843, 1852
Sobaseni (Marriages) 1754-1843, 1852
Zomreli (Deaths) 1723-1753, 1754-1842, 1842-1843, 1852

Film #1739643
Items 3-6
Krsteni (Baptisms) 1844-1852, 1852-1868
Sobaseni (Marriages) 1844-1852
Zomreli (Deaths) 1844-1852

Film #1739644 Entire Film
Krsteni (Baptisms) 1868-1894
Sobaseni (Marriages) 1852-1883
Zomreli (Deaths) 1852-1883

Film #1739645
Items 1-2
Sobaseni (Marriages) 1883-1896
Zomreli (Deaths) 1883-1896

I have found that when you are looking at the films, the item number listings use the following terms to refer to the different types of records: Taufen=Baptisms, Heiraten=Marriages, SterbeReg.=Deaths. This wil help you if you plan to look at the films. They are primarily written in Latin, with some Hungarian, and easy to read. Standardized forms were used for many of the records. Below I have provided some of the common Latin terms found in the records.

Posthumus=born after death of father
Patrini=sponsors, godparents
Juvenis=unmarried man
Virginis=unmarried woman
Locus=place, from this place
Idem= the same

Good luck with your searching and please contact me if you think we might have a family connection.  

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